Why Your Scale Sucks: A Reality Check from a Health Coach

A simple trick for weight loss

You and I both know that the number on that scale means everything…and it also means nothing.

How many times have you stepped on that scale, read the number, and immediately began thinking why it was wrong (I just ate, I’m on my period, it’s probably just muscle…). We decide that that number is nothing. And then some days, especially a few days after we’ve started eating better or working out, we step on that scale…and then that number hits. And it’s the same. Or higher. And we decide that that number is EVERYTHING. We take it as a 100% accurate reflection of ourselves. That despite the fact that we have more energy, or that your pants are just the tiniest bit looser, that that number is more important. Frustration sets in. We slowly drop our new healthy habits, one by one without even realizing it, because it “didn’t matter” to the scale. And our weight continues to creep up, while our frustration peaks to an all-time high.

How is that number everything and nothing? And more importantly, why do we let that number run our life? So here’s my question to you: what would it look like if we stopped thinking about that number? Just for 2 weeks. That’s all I’m asking. Let’s decide to focus on a new way to measure progress. What does that look like? Is it waist measurements or how much energy you have? Is it how you feel when looking in the mirror a helpful way to track progress? How about a checklist of consistent habits? You have plenty of options to track progress objectively and subjectively that DON’T include the scale, and can still move you towards your goal.

Now, here’s my caveat. I’m not saying the scale doesn’t matter. Your weight is an indicator of health. But it is just one single piece of data that so many, myself included, have twisted into the only piece of data that matters. It’s tough mentally to find that balance, how to place the appropriate amount of importance on your weight after years of focus. Don’t convince yourself it doesn’t matter. It does. But more importantly, how you feel and the choices you make daily will have a much bigger impact on your future health & wellness. And if you let the scale dictate how you feel, and your feelings and emotions dictate your choices, you will never break this cycle.

So let’s agree to set the scale aside for two weeks. Choose a few other ways of measuring your health and wellness. Is it how you feel? How you sleep? How many meals you can eat without overeating? Choose your indicators, write them down before you start, and check in with yourself daily. And after two weeks, I bet you’ll be surprised at how much better you’re living without the pressure of the scale.

If you try this, I’d love to know how it goes for you! Leave your experiences in the comments. And if you want to leave the scale behind but just aren’t sure how to get started, book a free, no-strings-attached call with me. I’d love to see how I can help you!